Mercato is building the next genration cryptocurrency products

Our mission is to build products that let people manage their digital assets securely and with simplicity. We’re working hard to deliver intuitive products that anyone can use, without the need for technical or cryptographic expertise, and allow meaningful ways of managing with digital assets.

A new standard for cryptocurrency wallets

Secure & Keyless

For most people its difficult to manage private keys and retain absolute control over their digital assets.

We are building a cryptocurrency wallet that removes all the complexity of managing private keys or the security risks involved with relying on centralized exchanges.

We use Multiparty Computing (MPC) protocols to create the safest cryptocurrency wallet and remove the private key flaw in blockchains.

We’ve replaced the private key with two independent shares, that are generated in a mathematical, secure and distributed way. One share is stored on the customer’s device and the other on Kryptonio’s server. The two shares are never together, when created or used to sign a transaction

Simple & Safe

The most basic function of a crypto wallet is storing digital assets.

The loss of a private key represents a single point of failure. Simply put, Bitcoin wallet private keys have a tendency to get lost. And once they’re lost, the Bitcoin in your wallet is lost.

To simplify things, and ensure that anyone can always recover their digital assets, we have developed a simple backup and restore process. Even if the user loses their device, deletes the wallet app or their device is compromised, their digital assets alaways safe and secure, no matter what

With a simple selfie, the user matches the 3D face map that was created during the backup process, and the wallet is restored.

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Kryptonio is the safest keyless cryptocurrency wallet. A simple and secure way to manage bitcoin and crypto, without private keys or passwords.

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